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Energy transition

The energy transition made tangible: SH Netz has spent €4.5 million on building the first plant to integrate green hydrogen into Schleswig-Holstein’s natural gas network

The Wind2Gas Energy power-to-gas plant is feeding the first quantities of hydrogen into the Covestro site in Brunsbüttel.

H2 MOBILITY hydrogen filling station supplies fuel-cell cars with green hydrogen

Schleswig-Holstein Netz (SH Netz) has built the first plant in Schleswig-Holstein to feed green hydrogen into the natural gas grid. The company has invested around €4.5 million in the new facility in Brunsbüttel. Wind2Gas Energy GmbH & Co KG is the operator of the electrolysis plant (power-to-gas plant) required for the generation of hydrogen, which also supplies the H2 MOBILITY hydrogen filling station with green hydrogen. Both the SH Netz feed-in facility and the Wind2Gas Energy power-to-gas plant were built on the Covestro Deutschland AG site in Brunsbüttel. The hydrogen filling station is also located on the site, but is open to the public.

“The facility to integrate hydrogen from wind energy into the gas network is a further important step towards a successful energy transition true to the slogan: from the region – for the region,” says Dr. Joachim Kabs, Chief Technology Officer of SH Netz. “These are the kind of tangible, sector-coupling measures we are taking to achieve a complete energy transition in northern Germany.”

“Feeding hydrogen into the natural gas network represents an important milestone in the energy transition here in the region,” says Tim Brandt, Managing Director of Wind2Gas Energy. “This integrated approach – production of wind power, conversion of surplus electricity into hydrogen, storage in tanks for the planned hydrogen filling station, and feeding the remaining quantity into the natural gas network – is now being tested and demonstrated at the energy and industrial location of Brunsbüttel.